Find Fulfilment - Learn To Love Your Career Journey

In this video I talk about the duality of Being and Becoming and explain why it’s so important to remember that life is a journey rather than a destination, if you want to achieve balance, fulfilment and ultimately happiness.


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In life, we‘re always balancing the duality of Being & Becoming. Being is about being present in this moment, appreciating and being grateful for what’s here right now and not being distracted by the past or what we’re hoping to achieve in the future. At the same time, we’re also always in a process of transformation, as we continue our journey of Becoming. Nothing in nature stands still or stays the same. So, as well as focusing on being present in the here and now, we can trust that we’re also always in a state of evolving and becoming something new, as we move forward with our lives. So we have this duality of being and becoming that needs to be balanced. In this video I explain why that matters – particularly when it comes to your career.

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