Navigate Your Professional Life & Career With Confidence

Whether you're an experienced executive, young professional or aspiring entrepreneur, my coaching can help you improve your performance, achieve your goals and move forward with a greater sense of clarity, focus and direction.

The independent support, impartial advice and structured accountability that my coaching provides, will give you the courage and confidence to set ambitious goals, whilst providing you with the tools, techniques and structure to fulfil your true potential and become the best version of yourself.  


Dan is an incredible Executive & Career Coach, very inspiring, insightful and practical. He has a fantastic ability to listen and understand the drivers, motivation and potential of a person beyond any words. 

Lisa - Investment Director

Measurable Outcomes & Results

As a coach, my role is to help you achieve measurable outcomes and results.


To do this, I will customise the coaching approach to address your specific goals, needs and requirements, combining tools and techniques from Executive Coaching, Career Coaching and Entrepreneur Coaching, as required.

Here are a few examples of goals and objectives that I can help you achieve if we work together:

Clarify & Develop Your Key Strengths & Skills 

Identify Your Blindspots & Overcome Roadblocks

Define Your Purpose, Goals & Long-Term Vision

Improve Your Leadership & Management Skills

Increase Your Motivation, Confidence & Self-Belief

Create & Implement Your Long-Term Career Plan

Dan is a great coach, fully understands the requirements then delivers a plan to address the gaps to reach the best version of yourself. I would fully recommend Dan to both friends and family alike.


Senior Executive - Communications

Flexible Coaching To Meet Your Needs

Although our work together may initially focus on a specific topic related to executive, career or entrepreneur coaching, my flexible approach ensures that I can immediately adapt to your evolving needs and requirements. 

For example, if you decide that you want to start exploring options for setting up your own business, we can immediately shift the emphasis of the coaching towards entrepreneur-related topics


As a client, you'll benefit from having access to my extensive range of assessments, tools and resources that cover all key areas of Executive Coaching, Career Coaching and Entrepreneur Coaching.

The key benefit of this is that my coaching will always to meet your needs and requirements wherever you are on your career or professional development journey.

Executive Coaching

My executive coaching will help you improve your core professional competencies, capabilities and performance. Here are some of the areas it covers:

Professional Development

Work-Life Balance

Networking & Communication

Conflict Resolution

Emotional Intelligence

Executive Coaching
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Career Coaching

My career coaching will help you address the challenges of proactively and effectively navigating your career. Here are a few of the areas it covers:

Career Change

Career Strategy & Planning

Defining Your Personal Brand

Interview Technique

CV & LinkedIn Strategy


Entrepreneur Coaching

My entrepreneur coaching will help you address the complex challenges of developing and launching a new business. Here are a few of the areas it covers:

Defining Purpose, Mission & Vision

Identifying Prospective Customers

Proposition & Service Development

Marketing & Business Development

Financial Planning & Performance

Dan Ford - Entrepreneur Coaching

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