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Whether you're thinking about setting up your own business, becoming a freelancer or developing a passive income stream, the prospect of stepping out of your comfort zone into the unknown can feel overwhelming - particularly when it's not always clear how and where to start.

Although there's no shortage of self-help books, events and videos promising to reveal the simple secrets to entrepreneurial success, they offer one-size-fits-all solutions that rarely deliver results. Unfortunately, the reality is that there's no quick fix or magic solution that's going to make you a millionaire overnight. Creating any successful and sustainable business venture takes time, commitment and hard work, which can be quite a daunting prospect when there's no guarantee of success.

Fortunately, I've designed an entrepreneur programme that breaks the whole process down into a series of structured stages and manageable steps, so you can make an informed decision about whether entrepreneurship is right for you. 


You'll start by increasing your self-awareness, assessing the feasibility of your entrepreneurial idea and clarifying whether it has the potential to be transformed into a successful business. Next, you'll develop your concept and create a prototype, in order to test the viability of your proposed product or service in the real world. Finally, you'll design your business model and create a step-by-step business plan, with clear goals and milestones, that you can implement over time.

Full Programme  Offer


The Full Programme Offer includes:

6 Hrs 1-2-1 Business Coaching

Interactive Assessments & Reports

Downloadable Tools & Resources

Full Lifetime Access To All Modules

Mobile & Tablet Compatible

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What You'll Learn & Achieve

Here are just a few of the outcomes and results that you can expect from the New Venture Development Programme:

Transform Your Idea Into A Fully Developed Business Proposition

Develop The Skills & Strengths Of An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Overcome The Fears, Anxieties & Doubts That Are Holding You Back

Define & Design Your Business Model & Proposition

Develop & Test Your Business Idea In The Real World

Create & Implement Your Step-By-Step Business Plan 

What Makes This Programme Different

Unlike other entrepreneurship courses and schemes, this programme has been specifically designed for people, who are considering making the transition from full-time employment into entrepreneurship and want to fully explore and understand the benefits, risks and implications, before making the leap. The programme addresses the key challenges, concerns and issues associated with the process of developing a new business venture, so you can gain the clarity required to make an informed decision about your next steps.

The programme has a modular structure and is split into three stages. It provides options to only pay for the steps that you choose to complete or, alternatively, commit to the programme in full. You will progress through the programme at your own pace and take full control of deciding if and when you want to move on to the next stage.  

Money-Back Guarantee

Structured Programme

Phone & Skype Coaching

Who The Programme Is For

If you find yourself agreeing with any of the following statements, then the programme may well be right for you:

I Want To Be My Own Boss, But I'm Not Sure I Have The Right Skills To Start A Business

I Want To Become An Entrepreneur, But I'm Worried About My Existing Responsibilities & Commitments

I Have A Great Idea, But I Don't Know How To Turn It Into A Successful Business

I'd Like To Start Generating Some Additional Income, But I Need Help & Advice Assessing My Options

I Want To Make The Shift Away From Full Time Employment, But I Don't Know How To Start

I Want To Create A Career Where I'm Making A Difference & Doing Something I Love

Programme Structure Content

The Programme is split into three modules, which are then broken down into smaller stages and steps. This makes the programme structure simple to understand and the whole process straightforward to complete.


The website that accompanies the programme is easy to navigate and features high;y focused content, materials and resources that have been developed to accompany each specific stage of the course.

Module 01

Personal Assessment & Concept Analysis


Personal Assessment

Identify Your Key Personality Traits & Values

Clarify Your Entrepreneurial Goals, Purpose & Vision 

Develop Your Entrepreneurial Mindset & Approach


Concept Analysis

Develop Your Idea & Clarify The Problem It Solves

Identify, Research & Profile Your Target Customers

Assess The Attractiveness Of Your Target Market & Industry

Module 02

Ideation & Prototyping



Brainstorm Multiple Product / Service Concepts

Assess & Analyse The Potential Impact Of Your Solutions

Identify & Define Your Initial Product / Service Proposition



Develop Your Prototype Product / Service

Test Your Prototype In The Real World & Receive Feedback

Review Your Results and Refine Your Proposition

Module 03

Business Design & Planning


Business Design

Define Your Business Model & Value Proposition

Identify Key Resource Requirements & Routes To Market

Approach Potential Partners & Register Your Company


Business Planning

Finalise Your Business Plan, Key Milestones & Targets

Identify Your Financing Requirements & Potential Solutions

Create & Launch Your Product / Service Proposition

What People Say

Dan is an incredible Executive & Career Coach, very inspiring, insightful and practical. He brings the best out in people and uses executive and leadership coaching techniques to tailor the programme for each individual to unlock their true potential and achieve greater results than they ever could have imagined.


Lisa  |  Investment Director

Full Programme Offer includes:

6 Hrs 1-2-1 Business Coaching

Interactive Assessments & Reports

Downloadable Tools & Resources

Full Lifetime Access To All Modules

Mobile & Tablet Compatible

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Full Programme Offer


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