Atomic Habits - James Clear

According to respected author, James Clear, Atomic Habits have the potential to have a truly revolutionary impact on your career, your relationships, and your life.

People think that when you want to make improvements to your life, you have to make major changes. But internationally-renowned habits expert James Clear has formulated a different approach. He believes that real change comes from the cumulative effect of undertaking many small actions, such as reading two pages per day, doing two sit-ups each day, getting-up five minutes early, or arranging one short business call . He has named them Atomic Habits. In his innovative book, ‘Atomic Habits’ Clears unveils exactly how these tiny changes can evolve into life-altering habits. He reveals a couple of straightforward life hacks, the powerful art of Habit Stacking, the impact of the 2 Minute Rule and the ability to enter the Goldilocks Zone. He also utilises cutting-edge psychology and neuroscience to explain how and why these life hacks still remain so relevant. Throughout the book, he recounts inspiring stories of Olympic athletes, business leaders, and respected scientists who have harnessed the power of small habits to increase motivation, productivity and even happiness.


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