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Executive Coaching - Leadership & Professional Development Model - Dan Ford - Executive Coach


In today's evolving workplace, the ability of executives and leaders to adapt, innovate, and maintain momentum amid the challenges of talent acquisition and retention, market volatility, and changing workplace dynamics is highly valued.

Unfortunately, despite the exponential growth in data, information, and knowledge, the future seems less predictable. Rapid technological changes, especially the rise of AI, are creating unprecedented levels of complexity and disruption, making traditional measures and metrics for success and achievement less reliable.

To help my executive coaching clients to tackle and overcome these emerging challenges, I've designed an Executive Leadership Development Model™. This model equips business leaders, executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs with the eight core competencies and capabilities needed to thrive and succeed in this new work landscape.

This Executive Leadership  Development Model™ forms the core of my approach to Executive & Leadership Coaching. Please scroll down to learn more about each of its eight areas and how it can be applied in practice."

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As an executive or leader navigating a rapidly changing work environment, a clearly defined Purpose will drive your vision, commitment, engagement, and performance.

It will enable you to identify key sources of intrinsic motivation, adapt to the technological distruption, and inspire you to create enduring value through your work.


A clear sense of Purpose will also keep you focused when dealing with volatility, enabling you to stay on track, achieve success, a greater sense of fulfilment, and ultimately have the impact that you really want through your work.

Identify Your Key Sources Of Intrinsic Motivation

Create Your Personal Mission Statement & Vision

Improve Performance & Create Enduring Value

Achieve A Greater Sense Of Meaning & Fulfilment

Maintain Focus & Direction During Periods Of Volatility

Executive Coaching - Purpose - Dan Ford - Exexcutive Coach - London & UK
Executive Coaching - Wisdom - Dan Ford - Exexcutive Coach - London & UK


Prioritising lifelong learning is a key attribute of successful executives, as it delviers the clarity and confidence to make sensible and informed executive, career and leadership decisions. Developing wisdom also involves a commitment to professional development, especially in understanding new technologies and their implications for your role and industry.

Your level of wisdom is determined by the depth of your executive knowledge & leadership experience, coupled with your ability to apply that knowledge & experience appropriately and effectively when required.

Self-Awareness and Life-long Learning are two key components of Wisdom, as they make it possible for you to make wise and informed life and career decisions, particularly when facing the challenges of VUCA.

Identify & Develop Your Core Strengths & Skills

Harness The Power Of Your Personal Traits

Identify & Bridge Knowledge & Experience Gaps

Prioritise & Harness The Your Intrinsic Motivators

Apply Your Wisdom To Critical Decision Making



Foresight enables modern executives and leaders to proactively shape their futures, by achieving a sense of clarity, focus and order when dealing with uncertainty and complexity. 

As AI and digital transformation continue to evolve, the potential impact for your role, organisation and industry increases. Foresight empowers you to prepare and scenario plan for these changes.

Rather than focusing on forecasting a single future, Foresight enables you to identify and assess the probability of various potential scenarios occurring. It empowers you with the knowledge, skills and tools to plan for a variety of possible futures.

Identify & Assess Multiple Potential Future Scenarios

Reduce The Stress & Anxiety Of The Unknown

Develop The Clarity & Focus To Shape Your Future

Positively & Proactively Navigate Your Career Journey

Use Creative Logic To Create Order In Complexity

Executive Coaching - Foresight - Dan Ford - Exexcutive Coach - London & UK
Executive Coaching - Resilience - Dan Ford - Exexcutive Coach - London & UK


Highly resilient executives and leaders are able to handle adversity and recover from major personal and professional setbacks and changes to their circumstances.


Developing Resilience will also help you cope more effectively with the stress and anxiety associated with volatility and uncertainty, and navigate and thrive in increasingly complex working environments.

Developing the Resilience to manage difficult problems will reduce their impact and help ensure that issues are resolved quickly and proactively.

Quickly Adapt & Recover From Major Challenges

Develop The Grit & Determination To Overcome Adversity

Identify & Target Opportunities For Growth & Innovation

Develop An Optimistic Outlook & Growth Mindset

Develop The Agility To Quickly Recover & Move On



Courage is an essential attribute for leaders and executives to develop if they are to adapt to the changing and challenging dynamics of the future workplace. Courage enables executives and leaders to make difficult decisions, take calculated risks, and proactively embrace lifelong learning and skills diversification.

When combined with the other skills and strengths in the model, Courage will enable you to proactively take action when the time is right to do so. 

Key areas of development include building self-esteem & self-confidence, developing self-efficacy & self-belief, overcoming the fear of failure, setting boundaries, and managing the expectations of others.

Increase Your Self-Confidence & Self-Belief

Improve Your Self-Efficacy & Self-Regard

Overcome Your Fears  & Self-Limiting Beliefs

Manage The Expectations Of Yourself & Others

Take Calculated Risks & Learn To Live In Your Stretch Zone

Executive Coaching - Courage - Dan Ford - Exexcutive Coach - London & UK
Executive Coaching - Communication - Dan Ford - Exexcutive Coach - London & UK


The ability of executives and leaders to efficiently and effectively share and exchange information with colleagues, clients and stakeholders through written, verbal and non-verbal communication is one of the most highly-valued professional skills in organisations.


Developing strong communication skills is now more important than ever before. The shift to remote working and distributed teams means that the ability to communicate, collaborate and network effectively across digital platforms such as Slack, Zoom and Teams is now key to professional success.

Make Your Presence Felt In Virtual Meetings

Enhance Your Written & Verbal Communication Skills

Increase The Impact Of Your Online Presentations

Improve Body Language & Non-Verbal Commmunication

Manage & Resolve Conflict When Working Remotely



In order to achieve success as a senior executive or leader, your ability to influence is crucial in a skills-based hiring environment. It's important to highlight your skills, knowledge, expertise, and the value you create, while also demonstrating your adaptability and understanding of technological developments, such as AI, and their applications.

People are influenced by credible, knowledgeable, and likeable experts and specialists. So, it's important that you're able to highlight your skills, knowledge, expertise, and the value you create, whilst also being likeable.

Develop Authority & Earn Respect In The Workplace

Extend & Expand Your Online Network & Influence

Demonstrate Authority Without Appearing Arrogant

Exert Influence & Have Your Desired Impact At Work

Overcome Self-Doubt & Tackle Impostor Syndrome

Executive Coaching - Influence - Dan Ford - Exexcutive Coach - London & UK
Executive Coaching - Commitment - Dan Ford - Exexcutive Coach - London & UK


Good ideas, positive intentions and goals are meaningless unless they're backed by firm Commitments to take action.

Commitment is about transforming your leadership vision, ideas and goals into actions. This includes commitments to understanding and adapting to changes in the workplace, embracing lifelong learning, and digital transformation.

Developing the skills to recognise when it's time to move from a planning stage to a place of action, and maintaining the motivation to stay there, are both key to achieving growth and success.

Transform Your Ideas & Goals Into Commitments & Actions

Overcome Procrastination & Move To A Place Of Action

Implement Systems & Structures To Build Consistency

Create Plans, Roadmaps & Plans To Track Your Progress

Develop & Build Positive Daily Habits & Routines



Whether you're an experienced executive, young professional, or aspiring entrepreneur, my executive coaching will enable you to improve your performance, achieve your goals and navigate your professional life with a greater sense of clarity, focus and direction.

As an experienced executive coach, my approach combines independent support, impartial advice, and structured accountability with powerful executive coaching tools and techniques that will empower you to fulfil your true potential and become the best version of yourself. 

We'll get the ball rolling by discussing your needs and requirements during a free Phone / Zoom Consultation. If we decide to work together, I'll then recommend an Executive Coaching Package that's tailored to your specific goals, objectives and desired outcomes. If you're happy with the proposed package, you can then sign up online and schedule your first Executive Coaching Session.

Executive Coaching Model - Dan Ford - Executive Coach - London & UK




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