Develop The Competencies & Capabilities To Successfully Navigate Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity

Possessing the competencies and capabilities to perform effectively within organisations and environments facing the challenges of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) is key to achieving professional success in 2020.

There are 8 core competencies and capabilities needed to effectively address the challenges of VUCA. I've structured these into a simple and straightforward Leadership & Professional Development Model™, which informs my approach to Executive Coaching. Learn more about each of the eight areas below.


Self-awareness is critical for career success. People who are more self-aware tend to perform better at work, get more promotions and lead more effectively. 


You may believe that you've mastered self-awareness, but the reality is that we probably haven’t. A series of recent surveys found that 95% of people think they’re self-aware, but only 10-15% actually are.


Key Awareness coaching topics include:

Key Strengths & Skills Identification

Values Clarification & Prioritisation

Assessment & Analysis of Key Personality Traits

Identification of Intrinsic Sources Of Motivation

Personal Mission Statement Development



Although it's impossible to predict the future, it's important to understand the impact that macro and micro factors could have on your business and career.


Developing the skills to explore and plan for different scenarios will also enable you to reduce stress and anxiety, whilst preparing for what comes next. Key coaching topics covered by Foresight include:

Identifying Multiple Potential Career Paths

Developing Strategic Foresight

Use Of Strategic Planning Tools & Techniques

Scenario Planning & Decision Risk Analysis

Adapting To The Future Of Work



Learning how to proactively take ownership of your role and establish boundaries, whilst maintaining positive relationships with colleagues and senior management, is key to feeling satisfied and fulfilled in your work.

Developing the skills to establish a sense of autonomy at work will ensure that you're in the driving seat, rather than feeling like a passenger on your career journey.

Coaching topics covered by Autonomy includes:

Taking Control & Ownership Of Your Career Journey

Taking Full Responsibility For Your Growth & Development

Overcoming The Challenges Of Micro-Management

Developing Self-Efficacy & Agency

Establishing Boundaries & Maintaining Work-Life Balance


Although it's important to establish autonomy at work, it's equally important that you have the skills to communicate ideas effectively and collaborate with people at every level of your organisation.

Building and maintaining an extensive network of professional and personal contacts outside of the workplace will also be highly effective in helping you to identify and secure new roles.

Coaching topics associated with Connection include:

Extending & Expanding Your Professional Network

Establishing A New Virtual Culture In Your Organisation

Developing Emotional Intelligence & Empathy

Maintaining Connection Whilst Working Remotely

Collaboration & Conflict Resolution In A Virtual Workplace



In order to survive and thrive when operating in the context of volatility, uncertainty and complexity, it's important to be agile and nimble in order to respond quickly and effectively to rapidly changing circumstances.

Developing the ability to adapt and pivot in your career will also enable you to cope with market fluctuations, industry changes, as well as internal changes within your organisation.

Coaching topics associated with Agility include:

Critical Thinking & Creative Problem Solving

Developing A Growth Mindset

Creating & Managing An Innovation Culture

Decision Making Under Pressure

Managing Change  & Living With Uncertainty

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Resilient individuals are better able to handle adversity and recover from major personal and professional setbacks and changes to their circumstances. Increasing your resilience will also help you cope more effectively with the stress and anxiety associated with volatility and uncertainty.

Developing the skills to manage these issues and problems can play a significant role in reducing their impact and determining the outcomes of challenging situations.

Coaching topics associated with Resilience include:

Financial Planning & Contingency Planning

Harnessing Your Strengths To Recover From Challenges

Navigating A Path Back From Chaos & Crisis

Leading Through Change & Uncertainty

Motivating Yourself To Maintain Momentum



Good ideas and positive intentions are meaningless unless you're able to transform them into goals, commitments and, most importantly, actions.


Developing the skills and techniques to overcome procrastination, address your fears and start living in your stretch zone is an essential component of personal and professional growth and development.

Coaching topics covered under Commitment include:

Overcoming Fears & Obstacles That Are Holding You Back

Using Systems & Structures To Support Your Development

Transforming Ideas & Intentions Into Commitments & Action

Kicking Bad Habits & Negative Behaviours

Developing & Maintaining Positive Daily Habits & Routines

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People follow the lead of credible, knowledgeable experts and specialists. However, in order to make your influence felt, it's important to develop the skills to signal to others what it is that makes you a credible, knowledgeable authority.

Here are some of the coaching topics commonly associated with Authority:

Developing Authority & Respect In The Workplace

Generating Endorsements & Recommendations

Demonstrating Authority Without Appearing Controlling

Effectively Communicating Your Credentials & Expertise

Overcoming Self-Doubt & Impostor Syndrome


How The Leadership & Professional Development Model Works In Practice

Whether you're an experienced executive, young professional or aspiring entrepreneur, executive career coaching can help you improve your performance, achieve your goals and move forward with a greater sense of clarity, focus and direction.

I offer a structured approach that combines independent support, impartial advice and structured accountability, to give you the courage and confidence to set ambitious goals, whilst providing you with the tools, techniques and structure to fulfil your true potential and become the best version of yourself. 


We'll start by assessing your situation and identifying your coaching specific needs and requirements. Next, we'll agree on a strategy and approach for the coaching, by developing a customised coaching plan. And finally, we'll take action and begin the process of coaching you to achieve your goals and desired outcomes.



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