My New Venture Development Model covers the six areas that are key to the success of any business, enterprise or organisation

Set in the context of the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA), the model breaks the core components of business development into six distinct areas, Purpose, Prospects, People, Proposition, Promotion & Performance. 


02 | Prospects

Successfully addressing the pains and desired gains of your target audience is key to any business. I'll help you research, profile and segment your existing and potential target customers in order to understand their behaviour, attitudes and perspectives.

01 | Purpose

I'll help you define the values and brand promise of the business, before helping you to transform them into a clear and concise statement of intent to be communicated both internally and externally.

03 | People

People are the most important asset of your organisation. Establishing a  strong company culture and working practices will help stimulate effective commitment, collaboration and communication in your team.

04 | Proposition

Through a structured process of concept development, feasibility analysis and business planning, I'll help you transform your business idea into a highly effective value proposition and operating model.

05 | Promotion

I'll help you create a comprehensive marketing and communications plan, that's highly effective at engaging your target audience and converting leads into sales.

06 | Performance

I'll help you define and analyse the key metrics that will affect the performance of your organisation. I can also give you the tools to track your results, profit and growth.

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